Night light – Is it affecting my child’s sleep?Sleep is one the most important factors in achieving physical wellbeing. Newborns to 6 months of age, should sleep up to 20 hours a day, including naps.  Children from 6 months to 3 ½ years of age should sleep between 11 and 13 hours a night, as well as the necessary day time naps.

In the evening, the reason you and your child start to feel sleepy is because your body is starting to produce Melatonin which is also known as the sleep hormone.  Melatonin is a small gland in the brain which helps to control your sleep and wake cycles, levels rise in mid to late evening, remain high for most of the night and drop in the early hours of the morning. Read more

Picture - BabyWinkz - Bedroom vs PlayroomNow this is a difficult one.  It would be interesting to do a survey of children’s bedrooms up and down the country to see how many are stuffed from floor to ceiling with playthings, personal things and discarded clothing. I bet it is difficult to identify what furniture there is in some rooms because everything will be hidden under the detritus of day-to-day kids’ existence.  While it can be hard to prevent this kind of situation, unless a parent is in there tidying up on an hourly basis, it is not a good thing at all. Let’s look into Bedroom vs Playroom. Read more