Want the secret to improve your child’s sleep?

During my 10 years as a sleep professional, I’ve gotten used to people asking me what the “secret” is to getting a baby to sleep through the night.

Teaching a child healthy sleep habits is a combination of lots of different things. Read more

BabyWinkz Consultancy - child's first train rideJust when you think you’ve nailed this sleep business and your baby has been going to bed happily and sleeping through the night for weeks…BAM! Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, he’s waking up every few hours and crying for long periods of time.

Before you start to panic and tell yourself you are destined to an eternity of sleepless nights with a cranky baby, let me just reassure you that this is perfectly normal and happens to many babies who have previously been sleeping well. There is usually a good reason, and it’s often only a phase that will pass soon enough.
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Today I want to talk a little bit about separation anxiety.

I get a lot of letters and emails from people saying that they’re not sure if it’s the right time to start the Sleep Sense Program because their child is going through separation anxiety. That is a very common phenomenon that most children go through at one point in their lives. Some experience it a little more often and severely than others. I do find that there tends to be a correlation around sleep and separation anxiety. Read more