BabyWinkz Consultancy - RefluxBaby that has reflux can be sleep trained

I’ve been in this business now for a while and every year I see more and more babies suffering from reflux. I’ve got two thoughts around that.

One is that I do think it’s becoming a bit of a catch phrase for any sort of fussiness that we see in babies. I’ve had clients tell me that they went in and expressed a bit of concern around their child’s fussiness and were given the diagnosis of reflux without any testing going on behind it. Read more

BabyWinkz Consultancy - question timeThis week’s question comes from Heidi

“I’ve been trying to sleep train my one year old. Last night, she cried for a solid hour and I gave up. What do I do now?”

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This week’s question comes from Teresa.

“My 11-month-old goes to bed with a bottle and wakes for a bottle in the night. How do I break her of this habit?” Read more