Transition from Cot to bedChildhood is full of exciting milestones: first tooth, first solid foods, first steps. Making the transition from cot to bed is another sign your child is growing up. For some parents the idea can be a bit nerve-wracking.

They wonder what life will be like if the child is free to get out of bed whenever she wants will he be roaming the halls at night?

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Baby Feeding tipsFeeding every 2 hours

Today, I’m providing an answer for a question comes from Francine, and she writes, “

“my daughter is five months old, and wakes to eat two or three ounces every two hours. Is it OK to not feed her?””

Well, the short answer, Francine, is yes. It is OK not to feed her. When we look at this, eating two or three ounces every two hours, that is similar to what a newborn would need.

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Toddler Playing in the Cot at Nap Time

Problem Solving

Today I want to talk a little bit about playing in the cot. If you are a veteran of the BabyWinkz Sleep Sense program, this might sound like something you’ve experienced. If you’re not, this might sound like the craziest thing ever. If you’ve got a child who’s not sleeping well, the idea that they might be playing in their cot is probably pretty crazy to you, but it happens. If you’ve got a child who can sleep well, can sleep independently, feel great about their cot, is happy to go there when it’s sleep time, you will find that there will be periods in your child’s life where they’re having a party in that cot all by themselves.

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BabyWinkz Consultancy - Toddler not sleeping at nursery 2Miserable Toddler

I attend baby shows throughout the UK promoting the skill of sleep for young children. I am approached by parents all the time asking various questions. Recently I was approached by Catherine, she asked

“My 11 month old toddler not sleeping at nursery. He is there three times a week and is really miserable by the time I collect him at six o’clock. Should I just put him down early or should I wait for his normal bedtime?”

Well I have got three tips around that. Read more

Baby Winkz Consultancy - Thumb suckinghmmmmm thumb sucking habit

I get a lot of emails from people whom are interested in working with BabyWinkz asking about my thoughts on thumb sucking. Generally their question are similar to this: “Judy, I’ve noticed she’s started putting her thumb in her mouth as her way of self soothing. I don’t know if I should be encouraging it, discouraging it, what should I do?” Read more