ILove Bo Sleep & Snuggle Pilllow & Room Sprayt’s official

I am the new Infant and Child Sleep Consultant for Love Boo on 25 August 2015, I will be among many journalists, bloggers and celebrities promoting Love Boo’s newest product range Sleep & Snuggle, Pillow and Room Spray. Read more

BabyWinkz Consultancy snoringMost of us consider snoring just a normal part of life. Maybe we have a partner who snores, or a Granddad who falls asleep in his easy chair and snores so loud it’s hard on carry on a conversation in the room. We think of it as a common condition, and while it might be irritating trying to sleep beside a snorer, it usually isn’t anything to worry about. Read more

BabyWinkz Consultancy Practice Makes PerfectHappy Wife Child … Happy Life

As parents, the last thing we want is to see our children sad, upset or in pain… in fact, we’ll do anything we can to try to ease their suffering and help them feel safe, happy and loved.

But, as we know, sometimes babies need to learn new habits, and it can be a bumpy road until they realise this is just the new, improved way of doing things. That is definitely the case with learning to sleep. For babies who have depended on bottles, breastfeeding and rocking to lull them back to dreamland every time they wake up, it can take a while to learn how to do it themselves. Read more

BabyWinkzThere is no way to sugarcoat it: SIDS is truly a parent’s worst nightmare.

I remember worrying to the point where I got up several times a night to check on my first daughter while she was sleeping. I was exhausting myself, and finally, I had to sit down and come to terms with my fear. It is scary, but I realized I was doing everything I could to create a safe environment so the rest was out of my hands. I had to let it go. Read more