Is This the Right Time to Sleep Train?

There are two things I can pretty much guarantee you when it comes to teaching your baby to sleep through the night.

  1. It’s going to be a challenge
  2. It’s going to be eminently worth it.

I’ve never worked with a family whose baby went right down on the first night and just magically slept through from then on. Some have slept through the night on night two, most of them start seeing results on night three or four, but I won’t kid you, night one can be a trial.

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How To Juggle Bedtime Routines

Bringing a new baby into the house is a glorious, exciting, terrifying occasion, especially when you have one or two already, and it can bring up a whole lot of questions.

  1. How are the older children going to react to their new siblings? 
  2. Are they going to embrace the role of older brother or sister?
  3. Will they turn into jealous little clingers who need constant attention and reassurance?
  4. How will their schedule fit in with your newborn’s naps and feeding times?
  5. And maybe most concerning for anyone who’s clawed and scraped to get their little one sleeping through the night?
  6. how is this going to affect the older child’s bedtime?

Trying to juggle two or three different bedtime routines can be mind-boggling if you’re not prepared for it. Read more