When leaving your baby with someone else – Preparation is key!

When you leave your baby with family and friends, the stress of going out and having to prepare all the things that you use on a day to day basis can put you off completely, but as a parent, it’s important that you do try and get a break occasionally. There are so many things that you need to consider but if you plan well you’ll be able to leave your child with someone responsible and be sure that your babysitter has everything they need to hand.  It is worth grouping items into different categories to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything, so here are some handy tips to make sure you can enjoy yourself without forgetting something essential.

Changing nappies

One of the most frequent activities that you do with your baby is changing their nappy.  There are a few things you need to leave to ensure that the person who will be caring for your baby is able to do this without any issues.

  • Changing mat
  • Wipes
  • Enough nappies (of course)
  • Nappy bags
  • Nappy cream

Feeding times

Whether you are breast feeding or formula feeding your baby, you will need to leave a supply of milk, bottles and anything else your child might need to make sure they are kept full and hydrated.  It is useful to run through how you prepare any milk, as well as when and where you normally feed your child so that the routine is kept the same.

  • Sterilised bottles and teats
  • Formula- preferably in the right dosage needed
  • Cooled boiled water (for formula)
  • Expressed milk (if breast feeding)
  • A list of times they will need feeding
  • Muslins
  • Any medications needed or prescribed medication that they may be on


Your baby may have a specific napping routine, a special comforter that they sleep with or you might put them in their sleeping bags for nap times.  Sharing this information, and writing down any routines will allow your baby to nap in a way that is familiar to them.

  • Sleeping bag
  • Comforter
  • Any music or calm down cues
  • Travel cot and black out blind (if being looked after somewhere else)
  • Monitors


If the person will be taking your child out in the pram or in the car, leave clear instructions of how to fit the seat.  If they are going to use the pram you need to make sure you have left all the equipment needed for all weathers.

  • Pram
  • Rain cover
  • Parasol / sun shade
  • Car seat (if needed)
  • Changing bag ready prepared with
    • change of clothes- vest / sleep suit / outfit
    • Nappy changing supplies
    • Milk supplies
    • Comforter
    • Favourite toys

Bath time

If you would like your child to be bathed, leave any items needed out for this. Make sure they know what temperature your child has the water, and what you do to make bath times less stressful.

  • Thermometer
  • Bath towels
  • Bath seats (if used)
  • Any bath products used
  • Bath toys

Knowing you have prepared for everything can help you to relax a little more when away from your baby, so make sure you have provided everything needed before you leave the house.

Is this information useful to you, family or friends? I would love to hear your thoughts. Look forward to conversing with you on Facebook and Twitter. The information you share will benefit other parents.

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